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House Flipper, Small Town Gal, & REALTOR

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Currently Live: Kindred, ND


Hometown: Fertile/Gary, MN


Favorite room in my house: My Dining room - because it has beautiful windows, still has a lot of 1920’s character and it’s the place we gather together. 

My first job: My first "real" job was waitress/cook/hostess at the Eats ’n’ Antiques Cafe in Fertile, MN.

Favorite color: Rust

Morning or night person: NIGHT OWL

My guilty pleasure is: Home decor and design magazines - the original, hold-it-in-your-hand-delivered-by-the-postman magazine. With a cold can of Mt. Dew. :)

Favorite thing about my job: So many things! Getting to help people with such a big change (often a very happy and exciting change!). Seeing houses - from tiny and dilapidated fixer-uppers to enormous and extravagant, 100+yrs old to brand-new or under-construction, and everything in between. And every single day is different than the last, I enjoy the challenge!

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Chaos Coordinator, Mom of 3 Girls, & REALTOR

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Currently Live: West Fargo, ND


Hometown: Fessenden, ND


Favorite room in my house: The mom side of me says my kitchen/dining room/living room which is open concept and where we spend time together as a family. The room that sold me on my home is my closet. It's the size of a small room and I don't have to share it with my husband!


My first job: My first job was working as a CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant, at a nursing home in Harvey, ND.

Favorite color: Black

Morning or night person: I was a night owl but my kids morning routine has reluctantly made me a morning person.

My guilty pleasure is: Watching bad reality TV while drinking a glass of Shiraz.

Favorite thing about my job: I love that every day is different and there is always a chance to learn something new. The most important part of my job is looking out for my clients' best interests. Real estate is all about the people and relationships and I love having the chance to assist my clients with the home buying and selling process. I feed off of their energy and excitement!